I am a Shlucha


When I was younger
I wanted to be-
Needed to be-
One of the women in this picture.
A fighter,
A shining star,
A blessing,
A shlucha.
I was going to be a woman who helped others,
A woman who changed the world,
One Shabbes meal at a time.
I was going to bring peace by lighting candles,
And battle the darkness which befell us.
I was going to be a shlucha.
Now I’m twenty,
No children,
No chabad house to my name.
I’ve never handed out candles,
On a busy London street,
And I rely on others,
When I should be hosting them.
And yet I am a shlucha.
I am a fighter.
A warrior.
Here against all odds,
Jewish despite the obstacles,
And I have faith at times when I can’t work out why.
Each night,
When I open my siddur and thank G-d,
For the gift of another day,
I know I have helped others.
I’ve forgiven when I want to hold a grudge,
Loved when I wanted to hate,
Given when I wanted to take.
I am like the women in this picture.
I always was,
I always will be,
And you are too,
For each kind act you do.

3 thoughts on “I am a Shlucha

  1. I love this. We are all Schulchim…if we choose to be. Sometimes, we can even extend the reach of the Rebbe’s message of Yiddishkeit into places it’s harder for traditional schulchim to reach through our professions and travels.

    This past year, I’ve been asked a few times if I was “the Rebbetzin.” Each time, I’ve blushed immensely and struggled with the response. I always say that I’m not, but I wonder if people know how humbled I am about it, that they should confuse me for someone I consider so lofty? Someone who has married a Rabbi and devoted their entire life to supporting his work and their own in Torah. No, I’m not a Rebbetzin. I feel so very far from that.

    This weekend I was asked again and when I responded that no, I was not, the visitor then asked, “Well, then what are you?” At the time, I laughed and gave my profession, but your post makes me think deeper…”If I’m not a Rebbetzin…what am I?” What am I being called to do or what opportunities are there right in front of me that I might not be seeing because I write off my responsibility simply because I’m not a Rebbetzin?

    If we all are Schulchim, what message am I the messenger of or could I be the messenger of?

    Thank you for sharing this!

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