Gut Shabbes! (Eikev)

Yesterday, I wrote about how the name of this week’s Parsha carries a hidden message about Torah observance, and teaches us that G-d’s Torah and mitzvos must govern every part of our life and behaviour. For many, including myself, the hardest thing about becoming Torah observant is observing the laws of Shabbes, and as I wrote about the way in which we must accept all of the mitzvos, I was reminded of my own struggle with keeping Shabbes.

Although it is incumbent upon us to accept and abide by every single Halacha, it’s also extremely admirable to start with just any one mitzvah. Yes, the end goal is to keep everything- but no one can start doing that overnight, and it’s important that we recognise the difficulties faced by baalei teshuva. As someone who identifies as Chabad-Lubavitch, I am constantly reminded of the power of just one mitzvah- as that mitzvah could bring Moshiach.

Torah observance is the core of Jewish life, and this includes not only the most minor mitzvos, but also the most difficult one. This week, if we all tried our hardest to keep Shabbes, we could bring Moshiach. But before Moshiach can come, we need to love and respect one another- and that includes respecting another’s efforts to keep the mitzvos.

In London, Shabbes candles should be lit at 8:12 PM, and Shabbes ends tomorrow at 9:26 PM. When lighting your candles, please keep in mind Chaim Elozor ben Baila, Moshe ben Hadasa, Moshe ben Genya, Chashachana bas Bryna and Shai bas Odeya. Thank you, and gut Shabbes!


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