More Powerful Than Prayer

If we all did just one good deed today, we could bring back the Beis Hamikdosh. We could bring an end to the years of fasting, we could turn the mourning period into the happiest time of the year, and we could welcome Moshiach with open arms. Just one mitzvah and this could all be ours.

As we fast and mourn and cry out to G-d, He listens to our prayers and is pleased. But there is something which pleases him more than tefillos, and that is acts of ahavos Yisroel. To truly love G-d, we must love his creations too. We must love each other, and only when he sees that we do, will he send Moshiach.

Today, on this terrible day, we need to make up for the tragedies of the past with acts of kindness. Then, we will never have to fast again. What will you do…?

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