Gut Voch!

I know that the following week will be a difficult one. If- chas v’sholom- Moshiach has not arrived by then, we will be fasting on Tuesday, as it is 17th Tammuz. The following three weeks will be marked by a period of mourning, in which we avoid music, weddings, and other celebrations. The final nine days of these three weeks have extra restrictions, culminating in the fast of Tisha b’Av. All of these things are supposed to commemorate the invasion of Yerushalayim- the holy city which lies at the heart of every Jew.

Right now, I’m at a difficult part of my life. I want to surround myself with positivity: not three weeks of mourning. And yet I trust in G-d. I know that He can heal any wound and will help me through this difficult time. Maybe mourning is what I need right now- to focus on the bigger picture, on something other than myself. I don’t know what Hashem has in store for me, but I have faith.

Maybe next week won’t be so difficult after all.


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