Fifteen Minutes

Towards the end of this turbulent weekend, I look at the clock and learn that I have fifteen minutes to write and publish an article. What can I write in fifteen minutes? What can I write, when my mind is whirring with the events of the past two days, my heart breaking, my conscience being pulled in different directions?

I can say thank You.

It’s so easy to get caught up. Caught up in the unpleasant events I’m experiencing, caught up in mental anguish, caught up even in the mundane activities of an average day. Caught up in the fifteen allotted minutes in which I must write and publish. On a day like this, I work hard on gratitude. I think of all the things I’m blessed with. I think back to the fifteen minutes, and suddenly, they look like a gift, not a limitation.

Fifteen whole minutes, and I can share my thoughts with the entire world? Fifteen minutes, dedicated to my own words? Fifteen minutes, in which I can thank G-d? I am positively blessed. I am lucky. I am alive. And above all, I have learned something new. I have learned of the power held by those fifteen short minutes, and I know, in the future, I will be taking 15 minutes a day to think upon what I have been blessed with.

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