Spiritual Strength

A person must seek out a spiritual livelihood with all the intensity of his strength, just as he seeks a material livelihood…
–Hayom Yom, Cheshvan 14.

We all sometimes suffer from a lack of emunah. I, myself, have had days or weeks, even recently, where I struggle to find a connection. Over the past month or so this hasn’t been an issue for me but I have watched and tried to help others as they have suffered from losing their faith. As I watch someone moving from one community to another, and telling me that they want to leave Judaism, I see myself. I see myself studying and reading and crying and struggling.

And I realise that G-d gave me these struggles for a reason. So I could help others.

I firmly believe that I was put on this earth to spread light of Torah and love among Jews. Love and understanding lie at the heart of my role here. And when G-d gives me challenges and I have hard times, I am supposed to use this experience to transform another person’s life. Next time I’m struggling, I will rise above the challenge and turn to G-d. I will overcome it, for I realise it is not a defining part of me. And all the while I will use these lessons to spread ahavos Yisroel.

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