The Ohel

Beginning tonight, we commemorate the yahrzeis of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and remember the day on which he left this world. His departure undeniably left a gap, but on the anniversary of his death, we do not mourn in the traditional sense. We remember him, we turn to his teachings, and we continue his legacy. At this time, I would like to remind everyone to take advantage of an amazing resource, and write to his resting place- the Ohel.

Many times, I have been in difficult situations where I feel helpless. I have davened and cried out to G-d, but it’s as if my prayers fall on deaf ears. I know, in retrospect, that they don’t, but in times where I feel terrifyingly alone, I usually turn to the Ohel as a last resort. I put pen to paper- or finger to keyboard- and I write a letter, send it on its way, and usually forget about it for a day or two.

Then something always happens. Something unexplainable. Miraculous, even. Who can say for sure, but it feels as if the Rebbe has intervened on my behalf. As we approach his yahrzeis, let’s take advantage of the power of tefilla, and the power of the tzaddikim, and write a letter. Pour out our hearts. Discuss our concerns. And beg for Moshiach to come, speedily and in our days iyH!

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