Turn to G-d

Rabbi Meir taught us, “When man is bound up above, he does not fall down below”.

When we focus on G-d and His Torah- the ‘up above’- we begin to realise the fleeting nature of the corporeal world. This doesn’t make us immune to day to day trials and tribulations; but when we experience knocks and blows, we don’t fall down. We remain standing; battered, possibly, but strong. Because at the end of the day, we know that we can put our trust in Hashem.

Being bound up above doesn’t equal an easy life. But it does help us to deal with the problems we encounter. We turn to Torah study; we turn to davening; we turn to G-d Himself. It doesn’t take much to achieve this. Just faith. Put your faith in G-d, turn to Him in times of trouble, and even when you slip, you wont fall.

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