I usually try to separate my different interests and occupations and in all likelihood, few of my readers are aware of my involvement in the musical world. I aim not to use this blog for promotion; instead, it’s for divrei Torah, Shabbes times, Halachic insights, and thoughts about my own journey of observance. But today, I spent a very long time on a project which ties in closely to this one.

I created a website for a singer I work closely with, named Yossi Obermeister. It took many hours and afterwards, I looked at the website, unsatisfied. The home page didn’t look how I wanted it to. The service provider was dodgy. The domain was frankly laughable. And I closed the window and didn’t look at it again until just now.

Returning to it, I feel strangely proud. It is, at the very least, good enough. While I was in the midst of it, I didn’t appreciate what I’d done. All I saw was my personal faults and what I had done wrong. In hindsight, I think I did a good job, and made the best of what I had. I can see the work that went into it and feel proud of it.

Often, in life, we encounter obstacles and stressful situations which make us feel helpless and useless. In retrospect, we realise that those around us were right and that we weren’t being idiotic or failing. We were trying our hardest and getting through a difficult situation. And that’s why I appreciate Yossi Obermeister’s work so much. His chizuk gives clarity. It gives encouragement. It gives inspiration. And when I’m having a tough time, it reminds me that the future might not be so bad after all.

With that in mind, here’s the website. Please feel free to get in touch with any feedback.


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