Today, I spent a lot of time speaking about spiritual journeys. The conversations weren’t especially pleasant, but I was well equipped for them. This morning, before I entered into the world, and began the usual routine of hectic schedules and travelling and, in today’s case, difficult discussions, I took the time to read some of the Parsha. This week’s Parsha, Shloch is especially dear to me. I love it and feel a deep connection with it.

As I’ve read and written about each Parsha, I’ve tried to foster this kind of relationship with each and every portion, but not always succeeded.

As I review the next few parashos, the first ones I studied, I find myself also reviewing my relationship with the Torah. I look back at my first divrei Torah and try to fill the gaps. In many ways, this past week has been like a personal Simchos Torah for me. Not only is it like the end of one cycle, and the beginning of another, but it’s a journey. And like all journeys I go on, I will take with me the wisdom from the first Parsha I truly connected with.

Parshas Shloch.


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