Close to G-d

Over the past few weeks and months, I’ve dedicated a lot of thought to Jewish communities and the differences between Jewish communities. But it was only today that I asked myself what exactly I was looking for. What was this endless search for the perfect community about?

Almost straightaway I thought of the answer.

I was looking for a community where I felt close to G-d. It didn’t matter where it was or what affiliation it was. So long as it was a viable option, I’d consider it- but only if it kindled my love for G-d and the mitzvos and made me feel close to Him. Naturally, my soul cleaves to Him, but I don’t rely on that alone. When I pick friends, when I plan my week, even when I choose what books to read, I choose things which make me feel proud to be Jewish, and close to G-d.

It’s the same with communities.

The one which makes me want to do mitzvos is the right one for me. Please G-d, I will soon be granted the clarity to realise which one that is- for I’m sure I will have been there before…


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