Small Miracles

Last night, I listened to the clock chime ten PM, and I thought to myself how lucky I was to be alive. Following the massive terror attack in my country, and the ‘imminent’ threat of another attack, many people were fearing for their loved ones, or thanking G-d that they had survived. Others had lost their lives in a night of senseless hatred and bloodshed.

I thought back to my article ‘The Gift of Life’, soon to be published under a different name. And I realised that I’ve been thinking about that article a lot lately. In fact, I’ve not just been thinking about it, I’ve been trying to live through it. I’ve been trying to thank G-d all the time; not just when I daven and say brochos but when I witness the small miracles that are with us daily. And the big ones, too; like realising that I’m alive, and well, and blessed.

The events of the past few weeks and months have really changed me. I feel like I’ve grown more in the past two months than I have in the past two years, and in the past two years, more than I have in the rest of my life. Of course I’ve lost but I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge; emotional knowledge. And a part of that is knowing when to say ‘thank You’. Thank You, G-d, for the miracles which are with us daily.


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