Pesach Sheini

Today is Pesach Sheini; the second Pesach.

It was on this day that those who were ritually impure or otherwise unable to make the Pesach offering, would do so. Pesach Sheini is about second chances. It’s about no mistake being too great, no problem being too big; it’s about putting the past behind you and moving forwards.

That’s easier said than done, of course. But today we’re supposed to focus on actually doing it. So perhaps you made a mistake a month ago, or even longer. It’s no big deal. You can repent. Perhaps you tried to do something- anything- and failed. Well here’s your chance to try again and succeed (iyH). Pesach Sheini provides us with inspiration for our daily lives. No matter how badly we mess up, we can always put it behind us, and try again.

Wishing eveyone a freiichen and meaningful Pesach Sheini.


5 thoughts on “Pesach Sheini

  1. update my acount on you know where, is restored but im unable to log in but im working it out with someone sorry this is the only way i can comunicate with you is there any where else we can keep i touch in the mean time?

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