I Need to Daven

As a woman, I’m thankful that I can daven pretty much how and when I like, with few of the restrictions which men are required to follow. Today in particular, I’m grateful not only for the gift of tefillah, but the ability to pour my heart out to Hashem in a way which suits me. I feel myself drawn closer to my Creator, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, I don’t reject or ignore the power of davening.

Today was a bad day. It wasn’t really busy, but I wasted a lot of time and found myself at the end of the evening with countless things to do. I had a whole to do list piling up in my head, and a whole range of (mostly unpleasant) emotions to deal with, and then I remembered an extra thing I needed to do.

Normally, an extra item on my list would induce panic. But not today. It was just one word; one simpke, powerful word. Daven. And so, I picked up my siddur, and the pieces began to fall into place. Admist my day-to-day business, the ‘eztra thing’- namely davening- can make my to do list look a whole lot smaller. If I trust in Hashem and pour my heart out to Him, all will be well…


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