The Mirror Image

What we see in others is merely a reflection of what lies in our own hearts.

It’s a lesson which I’ve learnt over and over again recently. Words, the gedolim teach us, have the power to make or break someone. Hence the strict laws of loshon hora, or evil speech. And believe it or not, the same applies to thoughts- impressions- of those around us.

Look around you, not only at your family and friends, but your colleagues and accqaintances, and even the man in the street. What do you see?

Do you see kindness and love? Are you inspired by the warmth of those around you? Or do you see cruelness and coldness and a world without joy? Where you do see problems, faults of character, how do you reflect on them? Do you blame others, or do you look inwards?

True change begins at home. It begins with looking at ourselves. And the easiest way to do this is through others.

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