Our Purpose

In today’s passage of the Hayom Yom, we read the following;

A soul may descend to this world and live seventy or eighty years, in order to do a Jew a material favor, and certainly a spiritual one.

G-d created us to serve Him. That is the purpose of our existence. And we can best fulfil this purpose through Ahavos Yisroel- loving your fellow. It’s through acts of love and kindness that we can best please G-d, because it’s through honouring others that we honour Him.

Service of G-d isn’t just about praying and studying, laying tefillin or lighting Shabbes candles- although those things are important. It’s about helping those in need; feeding the hungry; housing the poor; and, indeed, teaching others about the importance of the Torah, and the spark of Moshe Rabbenu that lies within them.

It’s through these good deeds that we will hasten the arrival of Moshiach, may he come speedily and in our days!


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