A World Without Music

During the Omer mourning period, we do not listen to music. It is one of many customs which reflect our sorrow surrounding the deaths of Rabbi Akiva ‘s 24,000 disciples. Although this is the first day without music, I already feel markedly different. The air is heavier, my mind quieter, my thoughts more somber. It’s as if someone has flicked a switch and plunged us into silence and darkness.

I think it’s fitting.

I recall the Omer period last year, when everything was so different. I didn’t listen to music much then- not as much as I have done recently- and I didn’t stop for the days of the Omer. I was newly observant, and still acclimatising. As far as my memory is concerned, there was no mourning period. I want this year to be different.

I’ll miss the melodies and harmonies as I click the keys; the musical accompaniment to my writing, and the songs which touch my soul. But in some strange way, I like it. It feels appropriate, cleansing, even, and I know that though I might struggle through this time, Hashem is with me, even after the music has stopped.


3 thoughts on “A World Without Music

  1. I forget to listen to music and then it surprises me how much I enjoy it when I do listen again. Like so many simple pleasures, I tell myself I’ll listen to it more often, but then I’ll forget again and it’s left like tea I brewed that has grown cold, forgotten.

    Thank you for the reminder to intentionally not listen to music during the Omer! Maybe this would be a good time to make a point of listening to music more often when the Omer has passed?

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    1. More music? I can definitely agree to that! After Sefiras HaOmer, make sure you check out Eitan Freilich, a fantastic artist and friend. You can download his album online. Also- I’m impressed by the poetic nature of this comment- you’re a born writer!

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