Gut Shabbes! (Chol HaMoed)

Many of us are feeling on edge. We began the week with cleaning; moved onto Seyder prep; celebrated a two day yontiff;  and then, in all likelihood, forked out an eye watering amount of money on a Chol HaMoed trip. The house is messy already, all the food is unleavened, and you’re exhausted.

Enter the Shabbes Malkah.

We all know how stressful holidays can be, though they are wonderful, and on a yontiff, we spend more time cooking than we do resting. Shabbes is a chance to rejuvinate. Let’s hope that we can all delight in it this week!

In London, Shabbes candles should be lit at 7:38 PM, and Shabbes goes out at 8:51 PM tomorrow. When lighting your candles, please keep in mind Chaim Elozor ben Baila, Moshe ben Hadasa, Moshe ben Ghenya and Chashachana bas Bryna. Thank you and gut Shabbes!


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