The Queen

This has been one difficult week.

As I write this, I’m thinking of at least three different things I need to do in the next half hour, and as far as the past few days are concerned, that’s relatively quiet. It’s been a week of working and stressing and mourning and- above all- waiting. Waiting for Shabbes. Don’t get me wrong. I eagerly await the arrival of the Shabbes malkah every single week. But this week, I’m not just eager or excited. Rrather, my neshomo is crying out for the Shabbes queen. My whole being depends on her. It’s a strange feeling, for sure, but for me, it sums up being Jewish.

And so, I’m off to complete a myriad tasks, things which I should have done earlier, things I still need to do, things which can maybe wait. And as I do these things, I will be kept going, by visions of the Shabbes Malkah…


2 thoughts on “The Queen

  1. I hope your week gets better and you get everything you need from the Shabbos Queen!

    I’ve definitely had weeks like that, where I’m on the ropes by Wednesday and thinking, “It will all be all right if I can JUST hang in there until Shabbos.” What a blessing that we have the Shabbos and that it comes every week!

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