The Chabad Movement

“G-d said to Moses: the waters which protected you when you were cast into the River, and the soil which protected you when you buried the Egyptian — it is not fitting that they should be afflicted by your hand.”

I read this Mishna on today, and to me, it summarised the entire ethos of the Chabad movement.

Elevate the corporeal and make it Holy.

Turn darkness into light.

Appreciate everything around you.

Use every resource you have.

I couldn’t pick just one of these messages, so I chose all of them. When we personify these things, we become one of the Rebbe’s Chassidim.


2 thoughts on “The Chabad Movement

  1. My first experiences with Judaism and Jews for that matter, were my husband’s Chabadnik family. It really shaped my early ideas of what Judaism was and what Jews aspire to and I think was a big part of why I initially pursued conversion.

    The optimism, warmth, and groundedness of their faith as well as how practical they were in applying it to every aspect of their lives was inspiring and seemed to fulfill a need I didn’t even know was there. I’d always been searching for…something…drifting from the religion of my birth through different paths and finding small specs of this or that, but never what really fit. I’d also never met people who regarded living a religious life as not a sacrifice to be made so much as a source of joy, who saw in every obstacle, an opportunity to connect more closely with the divine.

    Having come to know more of the diverse reality of Orthodox Judaism, I’ve often been glad I met Chabad first, not because there aren’t wonderful things about each group and their customs and perspectives, but because I think I needed that warmth and acceptance to even consider the possibility that being Jewish was something attainable, something that *I* might be able to do or be worthy of one day, G-d willing. It also spoke to me in a way other paths might not have.

    I love that mishna, btw…the idea that even inanimate objects are worthy of respect and gratitude is so beautiful and really makes me stop and think. Like they say, “If your thoughts are not of Torah as you walk on the street, what right do you have to tread on the rocks beneath you?”

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    1. I was actually nodding in approval as I read this. You’re so right. I remember a fantastic story about a convert who was welcomed by Chabad before she even began the conversion process… I’d send it to you if I still had it, but I feel it gave me a small insight into what you’re going through… Thanks so much for commenting 🙂


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