Practical Tefillah

Days like this make me really appreciate tefillah.

Days when tasks are piling up around me, preperations aren’t being made, and every possible thing is going wrong. When no matter how hard I try, I end up worse off than I was before, and no amount of lists or timetables can do anything to help. It’s hard, for sure; I need to make yontiff preperations- but haven’t. I need to finish a project- but can’t. I need to find a recipe- but it doesn’t exist. Before I spiral off into despair, I remember G-d. I remember that He is listening. And so I turn to him and pour my heart out…

Before I know it, I’ve dealt with those projects. One of them is completed, and the other doesn’t look so scary after all. Believe it or not, it’s all turned out ok. The ironing will get done. The food for the seyder will be ordered. And miraculously, a friend supplies me with a recipe which doesn’t contain meat, milk, kitniyos, or gebrokts. It’s like the splitting of the sea all over again.

It seems fitting that we experience these things around Peysekh. Next time this happens, I’m going to remember today, and pick up my siddur…


7 thoughts on “Practical Tefillah

  1. Spice and Spirit Passover is my friend. LOL! I was just combing through there last night trying to plan our Pesach menu and fighting off a panic attack in the process. This week is our week in Egypt, but come Monday night’s Seder, we’ll all taste freedom!

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