The Supernal Soul

“And I, Daniel, alone saw the vision, but the people with me did not see it; yet a great terror befell them, and they fled into hiding” (Daniel 10:7). But if they did not see the vision, why were they terrified? Because though they themselves did not see, their mazal (supernal soul) saw…
–Talmud, Megillah 3a”

I came across this quote today on, and I found it extremely inspiring. Why? Because I feel that, through the incident of Daniel’s vision, it teaches us an important lesson about the Jewish neshomo, and our personal journeys through life. Many of us- Baalei Teshuva in particular- have moments when we don’t feel connected to G-d. We don’t feel like one of His children (cv”s). It feels as if all the other frum Jews are privy to an amazing vision- and amazing source of Chizuk- just as Daniel was, but we can’t see it.

We shouldn’t despair when we feel this way. I believe that’s what the Talmud is telling us. No matter how far away you feel from G-d, your supernal soul is connected to Him. So no matter how unconnected you feel on a surface level, your soul is witnessing G-d’s miracles and cleaving to Him. Listen to your soul. The rest will follow.


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