The New Month

When I was in shul yesterday, we blessed the new month. After I finished davening, I began reflecting on the past month and thinking about my goals for the next one. Mostly, I thanked G-d for the good things which had happened to me last month, but I was very aware that it hadn’t all been good.

The recent months have been tough. And as I sat there, dwelling and thinking and comparing and wishing, I realised a dhange had come over me. Every month, after we blessed the new month and I davened silently, I begged G-d for an easier month. A better month. A month with less sorrow and conflict and pain and anguish.

Thus momth, I begged Him for the strength to handle all of these things instead.

It was as I sat and reflected that I realised G-d wanted me to make positive changes. Just because He was capable of miracles beyond imagination, that didn’t mean I could simply ask him. If I wanted a month free of the sorrow evict had invaded the last few, it was down to me. And by asking Him to help me change my attitude, rather than my circumstances, I feel I acknowledged that. I accepted it. I declared I was ready to move on.

Let’s see what the next month holds.


7 thoughts on “The New Month

  1. Nissan is the month of Redemption, and we have to believe that it brings to us relief from our troubles, hardships, and challenges. We also start counting Sefiros on the second day of Pesach, which should, with every day, elevate us to a higher level of understanding both the reason for those challenges and the way to deal with them.
    Gut voch, and much Hatzlocho!

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      1. I am so, so so, sorry to hear that. Losing your father must be incredibly difficult, and his first yahrzeis sounds very emotional. My heart truly goes out to you. You have my email if ever you want to talk… Wishing you a long life free of further sorrow.

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  2. I feel like when I resist something, it becomes stronger. Often, what I’m being asked to do instead is accept it, dance with it, and flow with it. Then, I find that G-d helps me find the meaning in it. I hope this month of Redemption brings with it the freedom for you to dance with the difficulties in your life!

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