Today, a terror attack where I live claimed the lives of three people, along with the assailant.

In moments like this, it is easy to despair. The city is thrown into chaos, and the sound of gunshots and sirens ring in our ears. We think of those who lost their lives today and we think about the cruelty of the man who stole them. The calm routine is interrupted. But beneath the smoke and amidst the terror, there’s a small consolation; community spirit. To see such love and concern for one another transforms a massive tragedy into a massive tragedy with a silver lining.

But not that much of a lining; the carnage still remains, and the three innocent lives can never be reclaimed. Let’s never forget what happened today. Boruch Doyon Ho’Emess.


4 thoughts on “BDE

  1. I think Baruch Dayan Haemes is probably the hardest bracha. It forces us to acknowledge, at a time we least like to be reminded, that even the hard to face things in life, like death, also come from G-d. May the victim’s memories be for a blessing. 😦

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