In today’s page of the Tanya, we read the following passage about charity and kindness. Although we may be busy in the run up to Peysekh, with our cleaning and preperations and arrangements, we should always make time for each other. For it’s when we do this that we truly connect with G-d.

”Charity is one of G‑d’s attributes which we are enjoined to emulate, as our Sages say, “As He is compassionate… [so must you be]”; and as it is written in Tikkunei Zohar, “Kindness is the right arm of G‑d,” so to speak, and therefore human kindness constitutes an abode for the Divine attribute of kindness.

Even though one distributes as charity no more than one fifth of his earnings — the maximum requirement for charity; how then is he an abode for G‑dliness while he is engaged in earning the other four fifths

Yet that fifth elevates with it all the other four parts to G‑d, so that they too become an abode for Him.”

Torah study is a magnificent mitzvah, and we need to learn about and abide by all the halachos in order to live a G-dly life. But we can’t just study them; we need to live by them, too, and this begins with treating others kindly and giving to those in need.


2 thoughts on “Chesed

  1. It seems to me, all too often, that chesed is what the world needs most right now. May we all be just a little bit more gentler and kinder with one another as the Pesach cleaning and chaos begins!

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    1. Omayn v’omayn! How beautifully said! By the way, I was very moved by your post about conversion and the holidays. I have a lot to say about that kind of thing, speaking as a baalas teshuva, but I reckon I may have to save it for a private conversation…


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