After Purim

For most of us, Purim is over.

The shlochmonos have been given; the coins placed in the tzedekah box; the Megillah read or heard; and the seuda eaten and cleared away. Many of us have been preparing for this holiday for many weeks, and now, a mere day after it began, it’s all over. A few will be feeling relieved- no more planning, cooking, buying; no more noise, no more invitations. But most aren’t. Most of us are disappointed. It’s all over- or so it seems.

But in fact, this is where the real lesson lies. If you’re feeling disappointed, it means that you enjoyed Purim. You miss it already, and probably can’t wait for next Purim. So let’s take a look at what exactly Purim is about. It’s about laughter and joy. It’s about gifts and meals. But above all, it’s about helping others, and spreading the light.

Chanukah isn’t the only holiday which features light. Believe it or not, Purim does, too. We’re sending gifts to friends, feeding others, and helping the poor. What better way to spread light? So if you’re missing Purim, resolve to make every day just like Purim. Resolve to help others and spread happiness, and, just as we do when we read the Megillah, search for G-d everywhere, even when He appears to be hidden.

2 thoughts on “After Purim

  1. Thank you! This is exactly the reminder I needed on a dark Monday morning, feeling a little down because all the Purim festivities have wound down! I think I’ll give some extra tzedekah or do a little more chesed today to help bring a little more Purim into this cold, dark day!

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