Aishes Chayil

In honour of International Women’s Day.

This post is dedicated not only to the Rebbetzen OBM and the inspiring and righteous Chabad shluchos (female emissiaries), but to Jewish women all around the world who are striving to bring Holiness into their lives and the lives of those around them. Today, let’s honour the women working both in the limelight and behind the scenes to raise their families, build their careers, learn and study, and spread love and joy wherever they go. These are the everyday heroes- the women who can’t be given enough credit for the vital jobs they do- and it is through the merit of these women that we will welcome the arrival of Moshiach, may it come speedily and in our days!

(And while we’re at it- spare a thought for the righteous Noahide women, who uphold Hashem’s laws and abide by His Word, with relatively little community support and guidance. They truly are heroes, as well.)


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