Early today, I watched an amazing video by a Chabad shlucha named Chana Weisberg.

She attempted to answer the Purim-themed question ‘Why are there no miracles today?’ by telling us that there were, in fact miracles- ones we encounter on a regular basis without even realising they are miracles (the Iron Dome, for example). She argued that the most miraculous miracle of all was one which appeared to be natural. And on this note, I began trying to find miracles in my life.I couldn’t think of any, and that was when I turned to the Purim story. Why couldn’t I have something as dynamic this?

It was as I thought about this that I realised I was living with the most amazing miracle of all. By celebrating Purim with my family and friends, I was doing something I thought I’d never do. Last year- or several years ago, even more so- I would never have guessed that I could merit to enjoy the festival with a warm community and a family who embraced my Torah observance.

So what if my shlochmonos come from a shop, or if I haven’t planned my seuda yet? I have food in my cupboards, a roof over my head, money to give to charity and gifts to give to my family. And that is the greatest miracle of all.


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