The Power of Prayer

Today is an especially auspicious day for prayer.

It is the yahrzeis of both Moshe Rabbenu and Esther HaMalka, two amazing people, the author of the Torah and hero of the Purim story respectively, who inspire all of klal Yisroel in hundreds of ways. In their merit, we traditionally light a candle- or two- and daven.

Davening isn’t just in their merit. It’s also for us. For whoever is reading this- davening is for you. It’s a chance for you to connect with Hashem. To reclaim five- or ten, or thirty- minutes in this busy life to speak with your Creator; to honour Him, to thank Him and even to petition him.

What better time to start? Close your computer and open your heart. Pray to G-d. You don’t need a siddur or a tzedekah box. You just need what’s in your heart.


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