Gut Voch and Gut Chodesh!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful Shabbes.

This isn’t just the start of a new week- it’s  the start of a new month, too! Adar is just beginning, and that means that Purim is mere weeks away. Not only is this something to look forwards to in itself, but the whole month of Adar is supposed to be joyous. It’s on Rosh Chodesh Adar that we’re meant to begin to see an increase in joy which should continue throughout the entire month. Spreading joy is a mitzvah. Whether it’s through helping someone in their time of need, surprising someone with a kind gesture, or simply being there, you can make a massive difference in someone else’s life with just a few words or hours. This month, let’s all resolve to spread joy- if we all just do one extra kind thing, think about how massive the end result will be!

Gut Chodesh!


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