Blessed Are You

The other day, I commented in passing that  I seem to spend the whole day saying brochos. I was joking, but memorising and reciting blessings has infused my everyday life with more holiness than ever before. The effect is amazing. In the 21st century, living ‘mindfully’ is among everyone’s aspirations. And although I’ve never bought into the whole ‘mindful’ lifestyle, it occured to me that the frum lifestyle is the most mindful one there is. Before you eat, you stop, you think, and you praise. When you experience something new, you don’t just take a photo. You pause, and you thank G-d for allowing you to reach this point in life. How mindful is that?!

Comparisons to modern trends aside, I’m truly amazed and thankful about how taking on this new challenge has transformed my life. It was something I thought I would never be able to get used to; something I never cared for; and it’s turned out to be inspiring; life changing, even. Suddenly, I begin to see the beauty in everything around me. When I’m surrounded by joy and good fortune, I don’t just smile to myself. I look to the sky and thank the One who enabled me to rejoice in this moment.


2 thoughts on “Blessed Are You

  1. This is beautiful and one of the first things that I, as an outsider, noticed and appreciated about Judaism. When I first started studying, I wasn’t religious in any way, but I did meditate and liked the idea of mindfulness that’s present in Zen philosophy. I very quickly saw how bringing so much intention to everyday acts like eating, cooking, seeing a rainbow, etc, could really become a mindfulness practice. Except, this was even better because instead of just bringing awareness back to the “moment,” it brings awareness back to the Creator of the moment.

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