“All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full”

~ Koheles 1:7

I realised that it had been many a month since I’d opened my Koren book of Jewish quotations, turned to a random page, and written my thoughts on the undeniably inspiring words I found. So I did just that. This quote from Koheles is ideal, because it’s rather vague. It could apply to anything. And so, there’s room for interpretation.

As I see it, this quote is about material possessions. The corporeal world. The economic problem is defined as follows; there are limited resources, but unlimited wants. We humans never stop wanting. No matter how many resources we’re given, no matter how many streams flow into the sea… We are never quite satisfied. It seems impossible to find contentment in the world below.

So, as Jews, we look above. To the heavens. Because when we embrace Hashem, and accept Him into our lives, we realise that we didn’t need all those things. In the long run, they don’t matter. It’s Olam Haba which matters. Not this world. So we learn to let go, and put our faith in the Creator.


2 thoughts on “Koheles

  1. Very insightful and feel true
    and if I can add that once you give your heart to God, than He is that sea in which all rivers flow… and it never fills its infinite… let’s dive into that sea. Shall we?

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