Gut Shabbes! (Va’eira)

Yesterday, I proclaimed that Shabbes was the greatest gift G-d had ever given us, and after a week of alternating between feeling exhausted and feeling sick, I’m going to go a step further and call it the gift which keeps on giving. I can’t wait for 25 hours of undisturbed peace- though there’s the small matter of making Shabbes in the first place! This week, we’ve been reading Va’eira, one of the Parashos which tells of the Exodus from Mitzrayim. While I’ve been enjoying it, it does remind me of the fact that I need to start thinking about cleaning for Peysekh! First though, we get to enjoy Shabbes. In London, candles should be lit at 4:23 PM tonight, and Shabbes ends on Saturday at 5:37 PM.

Gut shabbes!



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