The Greatest Gift Of All

Today, I found myself making an argument for shabbes observance. I wouldn’t normally do such a thing. I don’t find it productive to force my views upon others, or to try and convince them to honour an age old tradition, perhaps the most important mitzvah there is. Partly because there’s no obligation in Torah law, but mostly because I know, from personal experience, how beautiful it is to become observant of one’s own initiative. This doesn’t mean that I don’t support kiruv efforts; on the contrary, the most beautiful days of my life are thanks to shluchos and shluchim and Chabad and hospitality. But arguing rarely achieves anything. It’s physical efforts which count.

Putting all this aside, there I was, writing about why we should keep shabbes. And I’m glad I did so. Not because of anyone else. But because I wrote a few words which I truly connected with. These words uplifted my neshomo and fostered a true link with my Creator. Shabbes is the greatest gift G-d ever gave us. It’s just ours. Only ours. Ours to rejoice in, ours to honour, ours to keep, ours to remember. And may we never forget what a great blessing, what an amazing gift, it is that we’ve been given.


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