The Shabbes Candlesticks

Candlesticks are meant to be fit for a queen;

Glass or crystal,

Intricate and fine.

And ours are rusted,

Discoloured in parts.

But as the flames danced,

Beneath the aura of shabbes,

The canopy of warmth,

I realised there was more to life than crystal,

And I drew the light towards me,

Wishing this could have happened before.

Why wasn’t I standing here

In 2009,

basking in their glow?

But that’s the past,

And we must live in the present.

Writing of shabbes on a Monday morning

Doesn’t seem right,

So I’ll leave these words here,

Maybe I’ll click publish-

Or wait until Friday night.

Either way,

I’ll try to look forwards,

And not dream of shabbes…

The summer shabbeses I miss so terribly,

And pine for as we plunge forwards,

Into darkness.


One thought on “The Shabbes Candlesticks

  1. Beautiful. I can NEVER write this! because in 2009 I was as observant as now. and only someone who walked in the dark can appreciate the light. Shabbos candles are lamps to most of us, but to some it is a torch….

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