My website has been viewed, in total, 1,222 times.

That’s not a lot of times.

Many of my fellow Jewish (and non Jewish!) bloggers have had many more views, and many more visitors, than I have. But still, looking at that number, I feel inspired. 1,222 views. 471 visitors. I wouldn’t say I feel proud. I could, and should, be doing much better. If I worked harder, I could have achieved more than this in the time I’ve had. But that’s life. You have to multitask, sacrifice your work or hobbies, give precedence to other aspects of your day. But once again, this figure brings me back to an important lesson in the Torah.

Words are a very powerful tool. In many ways, they’re more like a weapon than a household appliance. Because they can be used for a Holy battle, the battle for G-dliness, or they can be used for evil. Swords and knives have slain thousands of righteous people, but also served to defend the righteous. And so have words. The laws of loshon hora exist for a very good reason; quite simply, words can either save, or kill. And upon realising that nearly 500 people have read my work, I am reminded of the responsibility I have in my hands.

Okay, so I’m not a very popular writer. It’s debatable if I’m even a good one (I don’t think I am). But I am still responsible for what my readers see, what they think of it, how they act upon it. And I can use this power to encourage the destruction of Jewish values, the degradation of society… Or I can strengthen their emunah. Explore the issues whigh are in their minds, too. Share my thoughts and ideas. And that’s what I’m trying to do.


2 thoughts on “1,222

  1. I remember the first day post I wrote on a different blog like two months ago and I realized that he had more views in two days than I had altogether… that’s how it is, it takes time till people get to know you and have patience and most importantly believe in yourself and your talent. You are a wonderful writer and once it starts growing it will grow…

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