Gut Shabbes! (Mikeitz)

Since last shabbes, I feel as if I have experienced Judaism from more different angles than the past ten years combined. I’ve balanced trips to Chassidishe areas with evenings spent by Reform family, and I’ve davened in shuls on both sides of the spectrum. The result is someone who is slightly confused, very much ‘enlightened’, and most certainly looking forwards to a good (Chabad) shabbes! The days have started getting ever so slightly longer, and as a result, you’ll be lighting your candles slightly later. Shabbes candles should be lit in London at 3:42 PM, and shabbes ends at 5 PM exactly. When lighting your candles, please remember Chaim Elozor ben Baila, Yisroel ben Esther HaCohen and Elana Rachel bas Jill Leah for a refuah shleimah.

Gut shabbes!


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