Tehillim (A Journey Continued)

This will be, like many of my other recent posts, a rather short post.  I feel bad about this; I miss my old writing habits, I miss the time I had, and inspiration comes and goes. Today, much of my routine is taken up by housework and running errands; after I have finished the cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping, I often feel too tired to write. Instead, I read or browse online, and by eleven o clock, I’m exhausted. But it’s not just writing I need to make time for. It’s my Creator, also.

I find it hard to admit how little time I set aside to praise G-d or simply speak to Him. To ask for His help, to thank Him, to study the texts regarding the fulfilment of His wishes. It’s probably my greatest weakness. But yesterday, my “Tehillim journey”- one which I have written about extensively- took a turn down a new path, when I received a beautiful leather-bound copy. My first thought was, “It looks like something a kallah might use”.

Needless to say, the edition’s beauty isn’t the most important thing about it. But in this case, it served to strengthen my observance. That beautiful volume contains a great amount of kedushah. Not just because of the Holy words inside. But because of its effect on me. As soon as I saw it, I resolved to spend more time saying Tehillim. I feel bad admitting that it took a beautiful book to do this for me, but above all, I’m proud of my resolution. In fact, I can’t wait to spend more time with the words of Dovid ben Yishai, and more time praising G-d. No matter what it takes.

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