Gut Shabbes and Freilichen Chanukah!

This week, shabbes is followed directly by the first night of Chanukah! So after enjoying the Havdalah ceremony, light your Chanukiah (instructions can be found online on, and enjoy its radiance- alongside with latkes and sofganiyos, and perhaps a game of draydel! But first and most importantly, there’s shabbes; in London, shabbes candles should be lit at 3:37 PM, and Shabbes ends at 4:54 PM (after which you can light your menorah). While lighting your candles, please remember Chaim Elozor ben Baila and Yisroel ben Esther HaCohen for a refuah shleimah.

Alongside my usual wishes for a gut shabbes, I’d like to wish all my readers, friends and family the happiest of Chanukahs. Last Chanukah I could never have guessed I’d be where I am now, and the love and light in my life shines brighter than any menorah. A Freilichen Chanukah!

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