Blogging Award!

I never thought I was going to be nominated for an award of any sort, but I was reading my emails this morning when I opened one from WordPress, containing the latest article from Kool Kosher Kitchen, one of my very favourite bloggers. Towards the end of the email, my blog was nominated for the mystery blogger award. There are lots of rules which I barely understand, but I’m so grateful to her for nominating me that I’m going to have a go at it.

If I’ve nominated you, the rules are as follows;

List the rules.
Put the award logo/image in your blog.
Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
Tell your readers three things about yourself.
Nominate 10-20 people.
Notify your nominees.
Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice with one weird or funny question (specify)
Share a link to your best posts

I’m going to put the image at the end (if I can work out how). First off, thanks to Devorah from Kool Kosher Kitchen for nominating me. She’s an excellent blogger, a great cook, and an aishes chayill. I’m also grateful to the exceedingly talented Okoto Enigma who created this award, the first award I’ve ever been nominated for!

Next, I’ll answer Kool Kosher Kitchen’s five questions for me, before introducing myself and posing my own questions to the nominees.

Rain, snow, or sunshine?

A while ago I would’ve said snow, but now I realise it’s just a nuisance. I’ll go for sunshine.

Three words that define your life?

I don’t know if these words have to be connected or not. I guess not. I have to choose ‘busy’. Also ‘religious’, because my life centers around my religion. And finally ‘turbulent’, because things have been turbulent lately.


Your favorite place (room, city, country, beach, forest, etc.)?

Without a doubt my Chabad house. It’s a synagogue, with a prayer hall and a sitting room and a few other rooms as well. I love the atmosphere there and I love going there every week.

Your favorite drink (doesn’t have to be alcoholic!)?

Oh, I’m boring, so I’ll say water.

Your favorite type of music?

I used to love secular music, but I haven’t listened to a single secular (non Jewish) song in weeks. I’m kind of proud of that. I love modern Orthodox Jewish/Chassidic artists such as Shloime Gertner and Eitan Freilich.


Apparently, I’ve also got to tell my readers three things about myself. I really cannot sum myself up in three short sentences, but I don’t think anyone can. Firstly, my Judaism is the most important part of my identity. I wasn’t born into a religious family but I am now Orthodox. Secondly; I have only been blogging for a few short months, but I’ve always loved writing. And finally, for something less dynamic, I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who reads my blog, both people I know in ‘real life’ and those who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. I’m going to nominate ten such people now. Just over half these bloggers are Jewish, but believe it or not I can enjoy non Jewish blogs, too. I’ll be providing a link to their blog in the form of a hyperlink.

  1. Cooking For The Time Challenged
  2. Hasidic
  3. Salma
  4.  Alicia
  5. Bellezza Corner
  6. Sweta Ojha
  7. Frum Girl Musings
  8. Rebbeca
  9. Confessions of a Baal Teshuvah
  10. Frummymummy


Everyone whom I’ve nominated is a great blogger and their work is important to me in some way. If I’ve nominated you, you don’t have to do the award, but I’d love it if you could. Now for my five questions;

  1. What were you doing this time last year?
  2. What moment changed your life in an instant?
  3. Who do you owe the most to in your life?
  4. What is your favourite part of the week?
  5. What is your favourite recipe?


And, the links to my ‘best’ posts (though really, who am I to judge?);

  1. Why Prayer Is So Important To Me
  2. Why Do I Write?
  3. The Rebbe’s Yahrzeit and the Mitzvah Of Torah Study


I hope I  haven’t forgotten anything. Thanks again to Kool Kosher Kitchen and I hope the formatting isn’t too terrible!




3 thoughts on “Blogging Award!

  1. I really appreciate the honest answers. Having said that, I’m from a different country and different religion so it is great to know more about you and all that you share. Also, thank you for nominating me. It is an honor to be thought of. Stay blessed. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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