Spreading Light (Kislev)

I wish I’d thought of this around Rosh Chodesh. Maybe I was busy (no excuse), maybe I was caught up with other article ideas, maybe I simply never thought of doing a Kislev article. But it’s better late than never, so I am going to start with my explanation of what Kislev is about. Kislev is a month of illumination. It’s a month when the darkness around us- as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder- gives way to the illumination of Chanukah and Yud Tes Kislev, both celebrations of light. It’s a time when the problems in our life are dispelled in the same way darkness is dispelled by a solitary light. So for the duration of Kislev, I want to share ideas for illumination. Ideas for illuminating our lives, and the lives of those around us. As the Rebbe zt”l famously said, in times of darkness, we need to increase the light in the world.

My first idea on spreading light is to illuminate our homes with the light of Shabbes. Why am I mentioning this when it’s only Tuesday? Because that leaves several days in which you can purchase your first set of Shabbes candlesticks and learn about their beauty and importance. Many of my readers are observant, and will have already done this; that doesn’t stop this from being applicable. Instead, one can teach others about the importance of kindling Shabbes candles. Can you think of a friend, relative or neighbour who could do with more light in their life? Let’s face it; we all could. By introducing her to this beautiful mitzvah, you don’t only let her connect with the matriarchs every week; you also offer brochos and protection to her home. This is the true power of light; the light of Shabbes, and the light of Kislev.


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