The Spark of Kedushah

I’ve said it hundreds of times; kedushah is all around us. No matter where you look. you can find holiness there. In our kitchens. On the streets. On your bookshelves. And within our very souls.

Sometimes, though, this spark is hard to find. It’s hard to appreciate the power held by a newspaper, a song, an item of clothing. First of all, it’s our job to find it. To understand what makes it special; what gives it power; how it connects to G-d. And then, it’s our job to ignite it. To turn that spark into a flame; a flame which serves G-d. We utilise that flame to become closer to our creator, to please Hashem.

If this sounds complex, just think back to the very simplest mitzvot. The mundane ones. Kashrus. Tznius. Tzedekah. They take raw materials, and convert them into something amazing. And you can do that too, through what you say, what you read, and even what you hear.

Truly, it is a blessing to be able to do this- not a burden.


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