Kiruv (Part Two)

Earlier today, I made a fairly controversial post about kiruv. I no longer feel it truly represents my feelings on the topic, so I redacted it. I respect kiruv professionals immensely and could never, ever work in kiruv myself. It’s extremely taxing and probably the hardest job on earth. What I do find interesting though, is the amount of cruel words I was on the receiving end of. I knew it was a controversial topic but I didn’t expect to be called a fake, and worse. I’m beginning to realise that for a woman with no interest in either seminary or marriage, the frum world is not the place to be. I’m not okay with that, but that’s the way it is. I still remain a frum person, cut off from the frum world- I live in a goyische area and don’t plan to follow the usual frum path, but I still keep kosher, tznius and negiah, study Torah daily, the works. I want the mitzvot but not the lifestyle- kind of problematic when the lifestyle is the mitzvah!

I cannot wait to get back to my Parsha articles. Why is everything so personal?


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