An Increase In Light

The Rebbe zt”l famously declared that in times of darkness, what we need the most is an increase of light. While there is violence, division, and immorality in the world, we find ourselves shrouded in darkness. But if you light just one, small candle in a pitch-black room, the light immediately dispells the darkness. This analogy is no coincidence. The Rebbe’s words apply, most famously and most importantly, to the mitzvah of shabbes candles. The unique mitzvah of a Jewish woman, the mitzvah with power to bring light to an entire household. But these past few days, we have been seeing light of an entirely different sort. Kinus HaShluchim, the annual gathering of Chabad rabbonim, is a very special kind of gathering. It features over five and a half thousand people, all in a single room. And every single one of these people has a very special job description; increasing the amount of light in the world.


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