Gut voch!

Gut voch!

I hope everyone enjoyed shabbes.

For the most part, shabbes was pretty good for me. Obviously, it was different and slightly lacking in some aspects (I mean rabbinical aspects), but even I appreciate that it was a nice break from the hectic schedule of the week. I really wish I’d gotten to daven more, but after I’d made such a massive kiddush (most of which was seemingly ignored) I didn’t have the time to join in with shacharis. Nonetheless, I feel ready for the week ahead (almost), which is unusual for me. I really enjoyed reading today’s page of the Tanya, a Chossidic text written by the first Lubavitcher Rebbe (the Alter Rebbe), and would like to share it with my readers. Let this remind us to give tzedekah over the following week, and to encourage others to do the same.



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