Gut Voch!

I love to start the week with fresh insights on the Torah and Tanya. There’s nothing better than the first Torah study session of the week, and today, I found an amazing parallel between the Tanya and Parshas Chayei Soroh. In the Tanya we read today; “the 400 Worlds of Longing in which the tzaddikim delight…” as it is written, 400 shekalim of silver (kesef)…”The words of longing are being compared to four hundred silver shekels. And guess what we read about in the Chumash? Avrohom buying a burial plot for Soroh- which he pays four hundred silver shekels for!

This week, I hope we enjoy many new hiddushim. As far as tefillos are concerned, please remove Masha bas Sarah from your refuah shleimah list- she has passed away. May we have only simchos. Chaim Elozor ben Baila is making small improvements. Please continue davening.

Gut voch!


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