(Early) Shabbat Shalom!

It’s only Thursday afternoon, and already I’m reminding you all of shabbes preperations. How unkind. I have a good reason for it, though; my Shabbat Shalom post is one of my most popular, and I won’t be at home, or anywhere near my laptop tomorrow, so I cannot post it. There will be no blog posts tonight, tomorrow, or on shabbes (obviously). I may be back to normal by motzei shabbes please G-d. In my absence, I hope you all enjoy a wonderful, peaceful shabbes, and- come think about it- I’d quite like it if I could, too!

Shabbes candles should be lit in London at 3:49 PM on Friday. When you light shabbes candles, can you please remember Chaim Elozor ben Baila and Masha bas Sarah for a refuah shleimah. Shabbes ends at 5:00 PM on Saturday. Shabbat Shalom!


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