Shabbat UK! Good Shabbos!

This Shabbos is a very special one. It’s Shabbat UK, and right across the UK, there are special Friday night dinners, Shabbos services, and melaveh malkahs. Yesterday, there were even mass chollah bakes! The Shabbat UK slogan, ‘keeping it together’, points to exactly what Shabbos is about. It’s about togetherness. Being together with G-d, and being together with other Jews. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Shabbat UK website (if you haven’t already), and start reading inspirational articles and watching equally inspirational clips. And make sure you find some Shabbos activities near you! Remember- if every Jew keeps Shabbos, Moshiach will come (please G-d)!

In London, Shabbos candles should be lit at 3:58 PM. If you haven’t ever lit Shabbos candles before, this is a great time to start. Also in London, Shabbos ends at 5:08 PM on Saturday. For other locations, please check out

Good Shabbos!


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