The Miracle of Sarah

This week’s Parsha, Lech Lecha, tells of Sarai’s childlessness. Sarai and Avrom, later known as Sarah and Avrohom, after G-d commands them to change their names, are the first Jews, the parents of a nation. But at first, they don’t believe this nation will ever come into being. Sarah believes she will remain barren forever, and even laughs when G-d tells her that she will have a child. How shocking it is, then, when it is revealed to her that she will not just be the mother of a child, but the mother of a nation. Avrohom, too, is surprised, and hurries to obey Hashem’s commandments.

What can this story teach us?

Simply put; have emunah. Have faith. G-d can do anything. Anything. Your personal struggles, the world’s struggles, they can all be overcome, with Hashem’s help. Why, then, if he could fix all this, does Hashem not help? Why are there so many couples without children, families without food to eat, nations in anarchy and disarray? Even more simply put; I don’t know. I’ve read so many articles explaining it. I’ve spoken to rabboinim. I’ve nodded intelligently and pretended to understand, but I don’t. So all I can say is, let’s do mitzvot and make Moshiach come. Then there won’t be any suffering.


(On a somewhat related note, there’s a great charity I support which helps Jewish couples facing childlessness. See here;


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