Good Shabbos!

I would like to wish all my friends, readers, visitors and fellow Yidden around the world a good shabbos. Sukkos has been interesting but very draining, at least for me, and I wish I could have attended some Sukkos services, but I’m hoping to make up for that at Simchos Torah. Despite my original intention not to write on Chol HaMoed, I’ve ended up writing more than once every day, and yesterday I was at the computer from ten AM until nine PM! I’m hoping that the two day yontiff will provide me with a much needed break, but to be honest, I expect I’ll just find myself frustrated at being unable to write! In London, shabbos candles should be lit at 5:36 PM tonight, and shabbos goes out at 6:42 PM on Saturday. Shemini Azeres begins on 5:32 PM on Sunday night- that means we have less than 23 hours to prepare for it!- and candles should be lit for Simchos Torah at 6:32 PM on Monday. The yontiff ends at 6:37 PM on Tuesday. Good Shabbos!


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